Mobile Loans in Kenya

Instant Mobile Loans in Kenya

Looking for Mobile Loans in Kenya? There are many ways of getting a loan. Affordable loans in Kenya without Security. More and more people are shunning away from loan application in banks due to the strict rules and many application forms that need to be filled.

There are many companies that have created mobile loan applications that offer mobile phone loans in Kenya without security. Banks have also come up with their own platforms where they are able to offer instant loans through mobile. It does not require you to visit a bank.

The loans are processed instantly or within hours without having to produce security for the loan. The loans disbursed usually range from the minimum amount to Kes 1,000,000. The service provided to customers is more of micro loans. Your payment history usually determines the amount of loan you receive.

Mobile Loans in Kenya

There are many options out there, we will highlight a few options and keep on updating. Below are some of the Mobile Loans in Kenya.


This is a mobile based account offered exclusively to M-PESA customers. It is a savings account that enables its customers to access instant loans of up to Kshs. 1 million Kenyan shillings through dialing *844#.

KCB Mpesa

KCB M-PESA enables one to borrow without saving. The disbursement of loan is through KCB M-PESA Account.

How to sign up for KCB M-PESA

•    Go to M-PESA menu,
•    Select Loans and Savings
•    Select KCB M-PESA and then Activate.

On activation of your account, KCB M-PESA will issue you with a loan limit. You can start borrowing immediately depending on the KCB Mpesa loan limit set for you. Loans issued are deposited directly into your KCB M-PESA Account.

KCB M-PESA enables you to access loan limits from as low as Kshs. 50 up to Kshs. 1,000,000, enjoy loan repayment period of up to 30 days and the repayment can be made through M-PESA or KCB M-PESA account.

The KCB M-pesa loans interest rates is 1.16% per month. There is a one off negotiation fee of 2.5%. Cost for the one month loan is 3.66% with excise duty applicable on fees.

To check your KCB M-PESA loan limit, go to M-PESA menu, select loans and savings, select KCB M-PESA, then select loan and finally request for check loan limit.

To grow your KCB M-PESA loan limit, increase activity on your KCB M-PESA Account by moving money in and out of your Account. Also increase your savings on your KCB M-PESA Account and usage of M-PESA services.

To pay our KCB M-PESA loan, access the M-PESA menu, select Loans and Savings, select KCB M-PESA and then select Pay Loan.

Read KCB Mpesa loans terms and conditions here

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M-Shwari is a paperless banking service that is offered through M-PESA.  It allows you to open and operate an M-Shwari bank account via your mobile phone, and through M-PESA. It does not require you to visit a bank to fill bank account opening forms.

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M-Shwari provides you with the ability to save and move money in and out of your M-Shwari savings account to your M-PESA account for free. The platform enables you to save as little as
Ksh.1, the money saved on your account earns interest.

To get an M-Shwari account, one needs to be:
•    A registered Safaricom Subscriber
•    Registered on Safaricom M-PESA
•    Have an active Safaricom M-PESA account.

M-shwari loan eligibility: To qualify for a loan on M-Shwari one has to be an active M-PESA user for at least six months, continuously use of safaricom services like DATA ,Voice, M-PESA, and has been saving frequently on M-Shwari account.

M-Shwari Enables you to access loan of a minimum of KSh 100 any time and receive your loan instantly on your M-PESA account. It’s an amazing product, no forms to fill or branches to visit.

How to check the amount of money you can borrow on M-shwari, dial *234#, Select M-pesa products, then answer the number with M-shwari, and lastly loan request limit. You will be given information on whether you are eligible for a loan and the loan amount limit that can be awarded to you. You can also check loan limit by going to M-PESA on your mobile phone, select M-Shwari, click Loan and lastly select Check Loan Limit.

Once you borrow a loan, the repayment duration is 30 days. If you get money before the due date, you can also repay and borrow again.

M-Shwari loan charges a 7.5% loan facilitation fee payable only once for each loan borrowed.

Branch: Unsecured Loans

Mobile Loans in Kenya

Branch is an app that delivers world-class financial services to the mobile generation. Mobile Apps offer one of the best micro-loans. The Branch works completely via a mobile app.

Branch uses technology to significantly reduce the cost of delivering financial services in emerging markets. It does away with the challenges of getting a loan by using the data on your phone to create a credit score.

The Branch App protects the data you share with them through encryption. Your privacy is protected. It does not share your information with third parties.

Branch fees are clear and easy to understand. The repayment terms are easy.  It does not charge late fees or rollover fees. When you repay your loan on time, the fees decrease and larger loan amounts is unlocked for you with better flexible terms.

Application of Branch loan is very easy. Download Branch on Google Play, submit an Application in minutes and receive your loan instantly. The loan is conveniently sent to your mobile money account.

The Branch loan product is designed to fit your needs. You do not require savings to become a customer. Get Branch loan App Today!

Branch Loan Paybill Number is 998608



Saida is a mobile loan app in Kenya that offers loans through its platform. Saida helps its customers to meet their needs and build their businesses. The Saida loan interest rates are tailored for the customer.

Through saida, No Paperwork, queues or a lot of questions that Banks ask. All you need is to download Saida App and start borrowing.

Saida enables you to borrow loans of Up to Kshs 25,000. The loan limits starts at the lowest level and improves as you pay back on time.

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Saida loan depends on a number of factors: Usage of SMS, Internet, Calls, Usage of M-Pesa as well as your social connections

How to pay back Saida Loan?

Saida M-Pesa Paybill Number is 854400, type your phone number as your A/C Number. There is no Penalty for early payments. Pay on time to increase your loan limit.

If you are not able to pay on the stipulated time, you can always talk to Saida and they will extend your repayment time up to 3 months.

Saida Paybill Number is 854400


Zidisha is an online micro-lending community that directly connects lenders and entrepreneurs across the world. It bypasses the expensive local banks and intermediaries that charge very high interest rates and provides a person to person platform for lenders and entrepreneurs to communicate openly and instantly.

Zidisha eliminates the middleman. It offers direct person-to-person lending platform that gets rid of intermediaries entirely. This removes the administrative charges thus lower costs and more earnings for entrepreneurs.

Zidisha loans do not charge interest. It only charges a service fee of 5% of the loan amount.
In Kenya, loan disbursement and repayment transactions is done through M-PESA.
Zidisha is a non-profit organization.

Tala Loan App



Tala is a mobile loan app that enables customers to access Tala loans. It is Kenya’s No. 1 finance app. It provides credit at your fingertips whenever you are. Its fees are low and offers easy repayment schedule.

Tala offers Instant Loans to your M-Pesa Account. You can apply anywhere and anytime. The approval is done in seconds.

To apply for Tala loan, download Tala App from the Google PlayStore, it will ask you to scan your M-Pesa SMS and other information. This is done to verify your creditworthiness, identity, as well as provide you the fastest loan in Kenya. The company takes your privacy and security very serious. It guarantees that it will never share your personal information without your knowledge.

Tala takes your privacy and your personal information more very seriously. It will never share your information without your permission. The App requires you to have an android smartphone and as an active Facebook account.

The loan borrowed is submitted to your M-pesa account and the repayment is done through Mpesa.

Tala PayBill Number is 851900.

Kopa Chapaa

Kopa Chapaa is a loan platform available for Airtel Money customers. Airtel has partnered with Faulu Kenya. The service mostly targets low end market customers.

For one to qualify for a loan you must be a registered user on Airtel and an active Airtel money user for six months and performed at least 2 transactions.

Your loan increases depending on your loan repayment. The more you borrow and pay on time your loan limit increases.

To apply for the loan on Kopa Chapaa, a customer needs to dial *305# and follow the prompts on your screen. The customer will be informed if they qualify for a loan, how much to be given and the repayment period.

It has a repayment period of 10 days. The number of days to most people is a very limited time compared to other platforms of Instant Online Loans in Kenya.

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Pesa Pata

Pesa Pata mobile loan in Kenya is a peer to peer lending platform that enables smart lenders to interact with creditworthy personal loan borrowers.

Pesa Pata Kenya enables lenders to receive great returns and borrowers to receive low cost as well as flexible personal loans. It’s a win situation for both parties.

As a lender Pesa Pata only allows you to earn commissions when you lend money to clients.

To borrow a loan, it requires you to get in touch with a pesa pata agent within your locality; they will visit your business or guarantor to determine how much you qualify to borrow. The agent will then proceed with the loan processing.


L-Pesa offers quick mobile loans in Kenya.  It is dedicated in helping individuals and businesses develop their way to sustainability and self reliance. L-Pesa services are available in all countries and currencies.

To apply for a personal loan in L-Pesa Kenya it takes less than 5 Minutes.

To qualify for a loan you need to have at least 6 months history with one of their mobile banking partners and a minimum of ten transactions performed on your mobile banking account.

If one does not repay their loan on time, they lose to access their cash and their credit score with L-Pesa goes to Zero.

Pesa Zetu

PesaZetu is a mobile marketplace which provides a platform to people looking for online loans in Kenya and invividual money lenders in Kenya.

Kenyans have been lending money to each other for ages through friends, chamas and family. Pesa Zetu expands what has already been happening in the social or physical circles. It connects more Kenyans.

It enables Kenyans who are able to lend to fund hard working Kenyans who need to borrow to build their business, pay school fees, pay medical bills, or for any purpose the borrower intends to use the money for.
Pesa Zetu is currently on a pilot stage and loan products are for 28 days. The Interest rates for borrowers varies from 6% to 10%. The Borrowers are charged a fee of 10% of outstanding loan principal on amounts not paid on schedule and on a weekly basis.

The borrowing Process
•    Register and check your loan rate in minutes -You will be required to provide information about yourself and your life. Then you will be provided with a loan rate in less than 2 minutes.
•    Accept the terms and your loan will be posted
•    If lenders fund your loan, the money is disbursed to your m-pesa in minutes once it has been fully funded.


Okash Loan App

The Okash app makes it easy for you to access credit anywhere and anytime. Application is easy and you receive your loan in no time.  You will receive your loan through your M-pesa Account.


Which Mobile Loans in Kenya Platform are you using to borrow money?