Most Expensive estates in Nairobi

Most Expensive estates in Nairobi

Searching for the most expensive estates in Nairobi? These are known to be the posh estates in Nairobi where millionaires live.

In this article we are going to look at the most leafy suburbs In Nairobi where the rich live.

Most Expensive estates in Nairobi

Below are the Nairobi’s most affluent neighbourhoods to live in. These are the places that the most wealthiest people in the country live.


This is a residential suburb of Nairobi. Kitisuru is a green and lush residential area situated approximately 9.5 kilometres northwest of the central business district of Nairobi.

The houses here are mostly residential but of high end. It is the preferred residential area for families who have a lot of money. It is close to shopping centers and major amenities.

Average price of a house is Ksh 50 Million and rental income is about Ksh 340,000 per month.


Muthaiga is located about four kilometres north of the city centre. It is a long established version of Americas Beverly Hills and home to many of the country’s wealthiest individuals. The estate lies along the shady roads that wind through lush wooded hills and valleys with streams that turn into seasonal rivers in the rainy seasons.

The area is also known to host expatriates on long-term contracts or foreigners who have settled in the country.

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The area has one of the top notch security which guards the properties, also the developments are monitored and well maintained.

The estate is home to Muthaiga Golf Club and neighboring Windsor Golf Club. Houses on this estate are not that cheap, the average price of a house range from Kshs 55 million and house rent ranged around Kshs 350,000 per month.

In this estate, you will rarely find apartments. Most of the roads are gated with 24 hour security manning any entrance or exit.

Runda Estate

Runda estate is an affluent estate situated in a serene and peaceful environment. It is where you will find the super rich. From the beautifully designed built houses to luxury vehicles you will spot them here.

Runda estate is one of the largest gated community in Kenya. It is known to be one of the most secure in the region.

The estate is manned by a number of securities who are always manning the different points that enter the estate.

The estate is located about 14.5KM from the CBD. The average price for buying a house is shs. 55,000 and rental income is about Sh350, 000 per month.

Lower Kabete

Lower Kabete is situated 10 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD. It is a green and leafy suburb of Nairobi which consists of houses with gardens that are well manicures. You will also find maisonettes and apartments.

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This is a wealthy suburb situated on the north side of the city. It is about a kilometer from Village Market and south of Limuru road. The Security is good and the streets are patrolled by private security firms

The average price of a house here goes for kshs. 40 million


This is the hub of diplomats; it is located about 8.5 kilometers from the CBD. Its residents are mostly known to work for embassies such as United Nations, Canadian High Commission, the United States Embassy and the World Food Program.

The neighborhood is characterized by modern town houses, and homes which have gardens that are well manicured.

The average price of a house is Ksh 36 Million and rental income is Kshs. 200,000 per month.

Nyari Estate

Nyari Estate is a serene and posh upmarket estate which is well known for its exclusivity. The estate is situated a few kilometers from Gigiri, the hub of diplomatic entities such as United States Embassy, UNEP, and Canadian High Commission among others.

This estate is a favorite neighborhood for expatriates, affluent Kenyans as well as high-level diplomats.

The estate is located approximately 20 KM from the CBD and the a Average priceof a house is 50M, and rental come ranges from kes 250,000


Wispers estate is situated at Gigiri behind Police lines. It is about 9 kilometres and 16 minutes drive from the CBD.

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The average selling price if a house is Ksh 38.5Million


Karen is situated south-west of the city center. The area is home to most of the wealthiest individuals in the country.

It is also one of the oldest residential areas in Nairobi. The area has a mixture of old colonial bungalows as well as modern villas which are spread across the vast estate.

The average price of a house is Ksh 38 Million and rental income is about Ksh, 150000 per month.

Kyuna Estate

This is a lavish estate and one of the most sort estates. It is located about 7.6 Kilometers from the CBD.  It borders Loresho and Spring Valley.

The estate is situated north of Westland’s between Waiyaki Way, the Loresho Ridge and Kyuna Road with the main access road being the Lower Kabete Road.


The Lavington ares is home to high end mansions. The houses in this area are very expensive and it has been home for the rich for many years before the coming up of high rise apartments.