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Mwale Medical and Technology City – Contacts, Facebook, Jobs, Website, Address

Mwale Medical and Technology City – Contacts, Facebook, Jobs, Website, Address: Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) is a sustainable metropolis with a large medical and technology complex, situated in Butere Sub-county, Kakamega, Kenya

The Mwale Medical and Technology City comprises of five districts. MMTC is built with 100% sustainable sources of energy including hundreds of solar-powered street lights already brightening up freshly paved roads, as well as the upcoming 144-megawatt waste-to-energy facility to produce clean electricity for the city from hospital and municipal waste.

Mwale Medical and Technology City also contains a 36-hole golf resort with 4,800 private residences along the golf course. Other amenities include the upcoming 35-acre Disney-style water park, the world’s largest convention center and a private international airport connected by a cable car along a serene aerial route to the Hospital.

MMTC is the first fully integrated development plan of its scale and it is being implemented without relocating the local community. Instead, the homes of local community members are being upgraded to international standards with running water and electricity. Many in the community also collect rent from newly built rental homes as they provide accommodation to 1,500 workers already working within the City every day.

In addition to creating jobs, the City has raised the value of land, benefiting the 30,000 community members, for whom their primary wealth is the land that they own. When the projet began, one acre was USD $1,500. That same one acre is now upwards of USD $30,000, whence catapulting community members into middle class.

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MMTC has a 24-hour economy, with 24-hour power. It is completely off the national grid and does not depend on Kenya Power. Instead, the City is run on solar power and other sustainable sources of energy. Rainwater harvesting enables clean water to be captured from the rooftops, treated and made ready for use. The City boasts of 150 kms of roads that have already been built to all-weather standards, many of which have already been tarmacked. A connected system of designated bicycle and pedestrian paths also criss-cross the City, enabling a safe, pollution-free and healthy alternative to motor vehicle transport.

Plaza District
The first district is the Plaza District, which currently boasts of a sprawling multimillion-dollar shopping complex, international standard supermarket serving a wide selection of organic produce, the must-try Hamptons Café Bed & Breakfast, more than 100,000 square feet of private residential homes and the 5,000-bed Hamptons Hospital which will treat 12,000 patients per day when fully completed.

Hamptons Hospital is currently open and receiving cancer patients in its Advanced Cancer Treatment and Diagnostic Center. A Cardiovascular Center with a Renal Center opening shortly thereafter; tackling some of the largest contributors to preventable deaths globally. Upon full completion, Hamptons Hospital will be the largest hospital in the world covering all aspects of healthcare while treating patients with state-of-the-art equipment operated by the world’s top healthcare professionals.

The Technology Park, situated within the Plaza, will employ 10,000 scientists and engineers. Work conducted here will catalyze the development of advanced healthcare technologies such as nano-bots to monitor and regulate blood-sugar levels in diabetic patients, mobile and communication technologies that can be applied in areas such as telemedicine as well as advancing emerging applications for artificial intelligence to reduce human error.

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Airport District
The second district is the Airport District which comprises of the world’s largest convention center, a 35-acre Disney-style water park, and a private international airport; all connected to the 5,000-bed Hamptons Hospital via cable car along a breathtaking route enjoying views of the last remaining tropical rain forest in East Africa as well as Mount Elgon, the second highest peak in Kenya.

Grid District
The third district is the Grid District which contains the residences along the Boulevard. It runs 3 kilometers from First Street continuing all the way to Twelfth Street; forming a grid like system along the Boulevard.

Golf District
The fourth district is the Golf District which hosts the 36-hole Hamptons Championship Golf Course, the largest in Africa; as well as 4,800 homes for doctors, nurses, and other residents of the City.

The golf course envelops the natural beauty of the lush green rolling hills, large granite boulders, and fast flowing rivers and streams; creating a refreshing yet challenging retreat for experienced and inexperienced players alike. Upon finishing a round, golfers can relax at a private bar and restaurant at the Hamptons Golf Club; take a massage at the spa, swim at the club’s resort-style pool or take advantage of other members only amenities including tennis courts and fitness center. The golf course is currently 40% complete with 4,800 residences underway along the 36-holes. The homes will be occupied primarily by healthcare and technology staff who will either own their home or rent from other investors in the Hamptons Golf Resort and Residences.

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Industrial District
The fifth district is the Industrial District and is host to the 144MW waste-to-energy power plant which will convert all hospital and municipal solid waste into clean renewable power.

It will do so using an advanced and proven technology called air-fed gasification (AFG). AFG works by heating the waste to produce gas which spins turbines to produce clean and reliable electricity. The power plant will require no external source of water as all water required to operate the facility will be extracted from the waste itself.

Air fed gasification is the world’s cleanest waste management solution, ensuring the environment remains pristine for generations to come.

Mwale Medical and Technology City Vacancies/ Jobs

Mwale Medical and Technology City advertises jobs from time to time. You can always check their website for more details and available jobs.

Mwale Medical And Technology City Address

Hamptons Hospital Road

off D260 at Lunza Primary.

Follow the solar streetlights to The Plaza.

Butere 50101

Mwale Medical And Technology City Facebook

Mwale Medical and Technology City Facebook page is

Mwale Medical And Technology City Twitter

Mwale Medical And Technology City Twitter

Mwale Medical and Technology City Website

Mwale Medical and Technology City website is

Mwale Medical and Technology City Contacts

+254 723153856

Hamptons Cafe`
+254 723150154

MMTC Office
+254 705601068