Names of Individual mentioned in top corruption scandals in Kenya

Top corruption cases/scandal in Kenya

In regard to corruption, Names of Individual mentioned in top corruption scandals in Kenya mostly depend on the magnitude of the case. In some instance some uninformed Kenya have been used as scapegoat by prominent people who plan and play their game so well that eventually their names are not mentioned in the corruption case in which they mastermind. More often the small fish become the culprit of jail term but even this rarely happens.

Below is the list of names of Individual mentioned in top corruption scandals in Kenya. The list is based on investigation done during the specific and in some cases some names are cleared,while others have not.

Name of the scandal              Names of Person/firms                Year       Estimated Amount

Paul Ngei Maize scandal                                Paul Ngei                       1965                       Not known

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Turkwell  Hydro-electric Power Station  Spie Batkinolles               1986                       6 billion

Goldenburg scandal                                        Kamlesh Pattni              1991                       158.3 billion

James Kanyotu

Politicians, Judges etc

Servicing of Kenya Airforce helicopter    Denel Aviation            1999           360 million

Anglo leasing scandal                                     Chris Murungaru           2005                       3.5 billion

Moody Awori

Khamani family


Egerton University scandal                                                                   2007                       500 million

Charter House Bank ltd Scandal                                                         2007                       150.5 billion

Grand Regency scandal                        Amos Kimunya                           2008                       500 million

Maize Scandal                                     Ministy of Agriculture  Officials          2009             150 million

Triton Oil Scandal                           Yagnesh Devani                             2009                       7.6 billon

Julius Kilonzo

Collins Otieno

Benedict Mutua

Mahendra Pathak


Mavoko Cementery land scandal              John Gakuo                  2009                       160 million

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Sammy Kirui

Mary Ngethe

Alexander Musee

Chicken Gate Scandal                                     James Oswago            2010                       50 million

Trevy Oyombra

Airport Scandal                                                 Lucy Mbugua           2011                       9.5 billion

John Thumbi,

Katherine Kisila

Mr Obadiah Orora,

Japan Embassy Land Scandal                       Mwangi Thuita, Former         2012              1.4 billion

PS Ministry of Foreign affair

Mr Allan Mburu,

Former First Counsellor in Japan

Eurobond Cash                                           Government official                 2014                       215 billion

First NYS scandal                                       NYS scandal,                                2015                 791 million

Anne Waiguru

Karen Land Scandal                                                                                           2015                       8 billion

Bungoma County wheelbarrow scandal County officials                    2015                1 million

Health Ministry Kshs 5.0 bn Scandal                                                          2016                5 billion

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Nairobi county Parking Fees                       Nairobi county officials        2016                238 million

Defective Military Aircraft scandal            Ministry officials                   2016                1.5 billion

NSSF Shares Scandal                                    NSSF officials                         2016                1.6 billion

Youth Fund Scandal                          Youth fund officials              2016                180 million

Ministry of health  7.0 billion scandal                                            2018                7 billion

NCPB Maize Scandal                                                                         2018                1.9 billion

Kenya Power Corruption Scandal              Ben Chumo                       2018                       470 million

Beatrice Meso

Peter Mwichigi.

Mr John Ombui

Peter Mungai Kinuthia


Kenya Pipeline Corruption Scandal                                                            2018                647 million