PNC Bank – Online Banking Login, Routing Numbers & Wire Instructions

PNC Bank – Online Banking Login, Routing Numbers & Wire Instructions: PNC Bank Online Banking Login enables you to log into your online account and perform a number of transactions. It enables you to easily manage your bank account online. The Online Banking System is secure, convenient and simple to use.

How to Log in PNC Bank Account – PNC Bank Online Banking Login

To log into Chase Bank Online Banking you must have PNC Bank online banking account.

PNC Bank Online Banking Login

To log in PNC bank account

  • Go to the PNC Bank homepage
  • On the top right-hand side of the page, you will see login
  • Click on the drop-down arrow
  • Enter your user-id
  • Enter your password
  • Click login to access your account
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With online banking you can:

  • Check balances
  • Transfer money
  • Make deposits
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Receive your statements online and more

How to Enroll on PNC Bank online banking

Want to enroll on PNC Bank online banking. It is easy to enroll

  • Go to PNC Bank homepage
  • Below the sign in box, you will see enroll in online banking
  • Click enroll in online banking
  • Enter the requested identification information
  • Create your username.
  • Verify your identity
  • Create your password
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Complete setup

If you are not sure contact PNC Bank costumer service at 1(888) 762-2265

PNC Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Instructions

Looking for PNC Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Instructions? The PNC Bank Routing Number will be used when you are doing bank transfers, and wires.

A routing number is a nine digit code that is used to identify the financial institution. PNC Bank Routing numbers are used to process wire funds transfers, and direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers.

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PNC Bank routing number can be found on your check.

PNC Bank Routing Numbers

The PNC Bank Wire Routing Number is:

  • Delaware — 031100089
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Florida — 043002900, 267084199
  • Greater Washington, DC — 054000030
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Illinois — 071921891
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Indiana — 083009060, 083000108, 071921891
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Kentucky — 083000108
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Kentucky, Northern — 042100188
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Michigan — 041000124
  • PNC Routing Number Missouri — 071921891
  • PNC Bank Routing Number New Jersey — 031207607
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Ohio — 042000398, 041000124
  • Ohio, Youngstown — 043000096
  • PNC Routing Number Pennsylvania, North-central — 043000096
  • Pennsylvania, South-central — 031312738
  • Pennsylvania, Northeast — 031300012
  • Pennsylvania, Northwest — 043300738
  • Pennsylvania, Philadelphia — 031000053
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh — 043000096
  • PNC Bank Routing Number Wisconsin — 071921891
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Incoming wires from parties outside of the U.S. should use PNC’s SWIFT ID: PNCCUS33.

How to Wire Money – PNC Bank Wire Instructions

Below are PNC wire instructions

PNC wire transfer instructions – Domestic Wire

The best way to transfer funds is to do it online or visit the nearest bank branch. When doing the transfer you will require the following details:

  • Account Number
  • PNC wire routing number
  • Name on Bank Account
  • Address of Holder of Bank Account

PNC Bank Wire Transfer Instructions – International Wire

  • International Bank Account Number
  • Swift Code – PNCCUS33
  • Name on Bank Account
  • Address of Bank Account Holder