Madaraka Express Train in Kenya

SGR Online Booking: You Can Now Buy SGR Madaraka Express Train Tickets Online

SGR Online booking; you can now buy your train ticket on Madaraka Express Online. The booking website will enable passengers to book tickets in advance up to 30 days before travel.

There are major improvements on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), in the past one could only pay cash at ticketing offices in Nairobi or Mombasa terminus which proved to be hectic and tiresome. Later on a USSD code was introduced for purchasing tickets

The number of days in which also one can purchase in advance has been increased. Although if booking for a group, you need to contact the booking office early in advance to enable them reserve for you.  Group bookings consist of more than 20 passengers and must be made 32 days to the date of travel.

SGR Online booking has come as good news to many passengers. Passengers travelling on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train between Nairobi and Mombasa can now book and pay for their tickets via an online booking portal. (

Through the Madaraka Express Train in Kenya portal a passenger will be able to select travel date, starting station, destination, coach type, their preferred type of train( First Class or Second Class), number of passengers travelling and enter the passenger details.

After filling in the details you will, you will be required to proceed to the payment section where you will fill in the number you will use to make payment through M-pesa.  The system gives you the option to pay immediately or to pay Later.

Check SGR Ticket

After you have purchased the ticket you can now check your ticket. Check Ticket enables you to:

  • View ticket details,
  • Payment,
  • Cancellation and refund statuses,
  • Cancel Ticket
  • Pay for unpaid ticket.
  • Request refunds.
  • Re-Print,
  • Resend Email or SMS Ticket.
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SGR Stations

  • Nairobi Terminus
  • Mtito Andei Railway Station
  • Mombabsa Terminus
  • Voi Railway Station
  • Athi River Railway Station
  • Emali Railway Station
  • Mariakani Terminus
  • Miasenyi Station
  • Kibwezi Station

SGR Train Fares


Madaraka Express Train in Kenya

Madaraka Express Train in Kenya; Since its introduction in June 2017, Madaraka train has been the most desired form of transport by Kenyans, tourist and other non-resident travelling to Mombasa.
Previously Kenya Railways co-corporation had a challenging of the mode of ticket booking for its client where some middle men were taking advantage of the whole process to their benefit.

Madaraka Express Train in Kenya

How to book the Madaraka Express Train in Kenya

Currently there are few option of booking the train which include

A) Tickets bought at the respective terminus or station

It’s important to note that the train should be booked fourteen (14) days in advance or before the day of travel. At the station tickets are booked between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. Payment method is through cash or debit card. Carry the necessary identification documents like ID as they may be required for identification reference in your ticket. It’s advisable to confirm all the details in the ticket to avoid inconveniences during the day of travelling

B) Madaraka tickets bought through the phone or USSD

1. Can be bought through Safaricom line. Make sure to have enough airtime as there some charges.
2. Since the payment will be through the phone ensure you have enough money in your phone
3. From your phone Dial *639#
4. Follow the prompts the following prompts

• Chose the date of travel, then the destination
• Chose the class
• NB it will notify on seats availability and the amount charged
• NB: The maximum number of people you can book for is 5

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5. Enter your details such as official name and National ID number.

6. Select the payment.

7. After payment you will get an SMS confirming your booking and a reference number.

8. Ensure to keep the confirming message because during the day of will require your reference number to print your ticket at the station on the day of travel.

9. For verification you will also need your ID or identification document.

Transfer from Madaraka Express Train terminus

The train from Nairobi is boarded at Syokimau terminus so for travelers from Nairobi they can get commuter train from railway station at CBD to take them to Syokimau. There are also commuter buses at the railways station. The commuter train normally leaves CBD railway station at exactly 6:10 am and the charges are 50 shillings.
In Mombasa the train is boarded at Miritini terminus. Travelers are picked up at the old Mombasa Railways station by buses and transported to Mombasa CBD. Usually the same buses also transport customers on arrival from the Mombasa Terminus to Mombasa CBD at a cost of 100 shilling.

Advantages of using Madaraka Express Train in Kenya

  • Takes shorter time compared with the road transport
  • Travelers enjoy game viewing as the train passes through several national parks
  • Travelers are also able to socialize with people from different culture
  • Goods are transported faster
  • More reliable
  • It’s the cheapest mode of transport to Mombasa

Important contribution by the Madaraka Express Train to the Kenya economy

Has promoted both domestic and international tourism, as results it increased the revenue for both government and the Kenya Railways co-corporation. Few months after its inauguration by Uhuru Kenyatta Madaraka Express Train is estimated to have transported more than 100,000 commuters. The country has also gained some foreign currency exchange as more tourists are using the train.

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Madaraka Express Contacts

Looking for Madaraka Express Contacts?

If you want to reach SGR Customer care or Madaraka Express you can contact the SGR using the details below.

Madaraka Express Contacts

SGR Customer Care Contact Details

Phone Numbers to contact SGR Customer care

  • 0728603581
  • 0728603582
  • 0708572574
  • 0708571587


Facebook Page: Kenya Railways

Twitter Handle: @KenyaRailways_


P.O.Box: P. O Box 30121, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Madaraka Express Timetable

Find the Madaraka Express Timetable below

The Inter-County train from Nairobi to Mombasa via Athi River, Emali, Kibwezi, Mtito Andei, Voi, Miasenyi and Mariakani County stations departs Nairobi at 08:00 am every morning and arrives in Mombasa at 13:55 pm.

The Nairobi bound train leaves the Mombasa Terminus at 07:15am and arrives in Nairobi at 2:15pm after making seven stops along the 472 KM line.

The Express train departs Nairobi Terminus at 2:30pm headed to Mombasa while the Mombasa one will be leaving the coastal city at 3:30 pm. Both trains operate at average speeds of up to 120 KM per hour.


Nairobi Athi River Emali Kibwezi Mtito Andei Voi Miasenyi Mariakani Mombasa
Nairobi – Mombasa Inter-county Train 08:00 08:22-08:25 09:27-09:31 10:12-10:15 10:54-10:58 12:03-12:07 12:38-12:41 13:22-13:25 13:55
Nairobi – Mombasa Express Train 14:30 19:20


Mombasa Terminus Mariakani Miasenyi Voi Mtito Andei Kibwezi Emali Athi River Nairobi Terminus
Mombasa – Nairobi Express Train 15:15 20:14
Mombasa – Nairobi Inter-County Train 7:15 7:40 – 7:43 8:25 – 8:28 9:00 – 9:04 10:13 – 10:17 10:46 – 10:49 11:30 – 11:34 12:39 – 12:42 13:05