Social Media and Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Service: In a short period of time social media has changed the way businesses are conducted and communicate with the customers, enabling a company market the existing products as well as new products and at the same time maintaining a good image in the minds of the customers. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others are an important part of customer service

Social Media and Customer Service

Social Media and Customer Service

In the past this was not the case, many companies shunned away from the social media. They had in place all sorts of rules and guidelines on how to use the social media or even blocking it completely. Some had no idea on how to use the social media at their disposal to market their products.

Some companies got into it quickly and started to experiment. Since then they have come up with remarkable results, these channels are an amazing tool for reaching out the customers and the public.
The social media accounts, usually give the company real time results on how they can improve or how a particular product or service has been received into the market. Sometimes even on what to correct before the real product or service gets into the market.

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Through customers’ comments, one can learn more about the issues with the products and services very fast than any other platform. In this way the company or organization can set up a system that it uses to respond to the customers questions. Thus problems are quickly tackled; the company becomes more reliable in the eyes of the customer.

This has worked perfectly well for many companies, who have built a strong audience. Some have more than 2 million followers on twitter, 800,000 on facebook and more than 1.8 million on Google+; this also translates to the number of people visiting your website or blog. If one needs to communicate with the customers he will only need to make a few posts here and there for a few days and the message will be passed to the existing and even new customers, as some will tend to share to their existing friends, unlike the old ways where you had to look for a print media to place your advertisement.

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When there is an interesting post most people are likely to share or even contribute. You will be surprised by the overwhelming response and number of people that are reached.

The way of doing business globally has changed, the world is becoming a small village, and the best way to let your new company known is through social media. Every industry is adopting the social media, from small organizations, airlines, banks and multinational organizations.

Others have turned into social media to air their views, or gather signatures to get a petition on something. For instance some wild animals are becoming endangered due increased poaching. If nothing is done, some animals would become extinct. Social media is becoming a powerful tool to communicate and air out ones views especially to those who want to make a difference in this world.

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Whether you are starting a new company or you are already into business, you should start establishing your online presence today. Set up a help line or a means of communication where customers can ask questions about the products and services being offered. Take time to listen and respond thoughtfully, in no time you will be on your way to the top