Step by Step on How to Get Duplicate SIM Card

Find below Step by Step on How to Get Duplicate SIM Card. Sometimes, you might want to replace your SIM Card because it is lost, broken or not working. In this case you want to get back your original number sim.

Do not worry as you can easily get your Dublicate Sim Card or Replace SIM.

How to Get Duplicate SIM Card

  • Visit your mobile operator shop or store. Inform them the situation of your SIM card, if lost or broken. Tell them you would like to apply for a duplicate sim card for your original number.
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You will be asked to identify yourself, and show proof of ownership of the original number with the full address and proof of id that was provided at the time of purchase a sim card.

  • You will be given a form to fill depending on the operator, fill the form
  • Provide a copy of your identification documents
  • If there are any charges to purchase the SIM card you will be asked to pay
  • You will be given a new SIM card, your old number plus other services will be shifted to the sim card
  • Your Sim card will be activated.
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