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Want to Watch Cartoons Online? Searching for free cartoon websites or free cartoons online? Sometimes we want to return to our childhood days, wanting to watch our favorite cartoons Online.

We cannot resist those childhood days inside us and if given a chance we would revive them. Cartoons and animation movies are what every child loves and every adult used to love.  Sometimes we want to watch the latest cartoons online or review them before purchasing or downloading them for our children. At times we have favorite cartoon characters that we adore and are great fun. For every cartoon produced we would like to watch the cartoons online.

Where can I watch cartoons online for free?

Below are some websites to watch cartoons online for free, amazing cartoon movie websites. Watch animated movies online for free on these top sites to watch cartoons and movies online.

How to Watch Cartoons Online For Free

There are many websites or platforms where you can watch cartoons online for free. We will try and discuss a few and if you have a favorite website drop us an email to include it.

1.    Toonjet- Cartoons Online Watch Free

Toonjet is a popular website in the industry of online cartoons and animation. The website offers some classic cartoons. It is best for lovers of free classic cartoons. Toonjet has a wide variety of classic cartoons to watch free online. Some of the free online cartoons to watch include Woody Woodpecker, Tom and Jerry, Superman, Merrie Melodies, Popeye Flip the Fog, Looney Tunes, and much more.  Watch cartoons for free online today. The best thing about Toonjet is the availability of a cartoon online app. Having it on your mobile will enable you to watch your favorite cartoons online anytime. You can install it by searching on Play Store or using the link given on the website itself. Toonjet One does not need to register to watch cartoons on this site, although, if you register on this website, one unlocks some additional features to use. Like you get your own profile page, give rates to cartoons, be able to comment, and also you can add cartoons to your favorite list.

2.    Cartoon Movies HQ – Websites to Watch Free Cartoons

Cartoon Movies HQ is one of the top websites where you can watch your favorite cartoons online for free. The website offers you a wide range of cartoons. You have the option of choosing from different animation series, TV shows, and Cartoons. It is the perfect choice for animation series fans. Cartoon Movies HQ There is a navigation bar is given just below the header on which you can choose one from anime genres, movies, cartoons, etc. Cartoon Movies HQ offers the most popular animation series like Infinite Stratos, The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, and much more. You will also get your favorite superhero cartoon series like batman, Ben 10, and Avatar. One also has the option of playing games apart from watching cartoons. What are you waiting for Watch cartoons online free American Dad

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3.     Disney Junior

Disney Junior is an online website that is dedicated to children only. The website offers you the chance to watch your favorite cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald, handy many, and many others online. The website is well designed and easy to navigate and find the cartoon or animation you are searching for. The website does not only offer users to watch cartoons online but also gives the option of playing games with Disney characters. Disney Junior The home page has small avatars of Disney characters. When you click on one of them, it leads you to a page with that particular character’s cartoons only. There is also an all-video insight given in which all the cartoon videos can be found. In some countries, the site is blocked but you can use VPN to watch cartoons online. The experience of watching online cartoons on this website is awesome.

4.    Nick Toons- Free Animation Movies Online Watch

Nick Toons is another website for watching cartoons and animations online for free. It offers a large number of animations and cartoons completely free. This anime streaming site is limited to Nick cartoons only. One can watch all nick cartoons like SquarePants, SpongeBob, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, etc. Nick Toons The website also offers free games for kids.

5.     Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons is an amazing website nicely designed for watching online cartoons. The website is solely focused on cartoons. Apart from getting the all popular cartoons, one also gets all the free cartoon movies depending on your favorite cartoon characters. This website has a large collection of cartoon videos and movies. Super Cartoons Among the best cartoon series shown on this website are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, and much more. Below the header and the search box you will see a neat navigation bar with links to different cartoon characters, series, studios, etc. You will realize finding the desired cartoons online being very easy. On the home page, under the navigation bar, you will see the newest cartoons.

6.    Cartoon park TV

Cartoon Park TV is a website where you can watch free cartoons with English subtitles. The cartoons shown on this website have subtitles. The best part of this website is that you will get free online high-quality cartoons that you can watch and download for free Cartoon Park TV The website allows you to watch the cartoons online from your mobile phones and also from site.

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Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online – Watch Online Cartoons

7.     Toon Get

Toon Get is a Europe-based cartoon and animation site that offers a great collection of cartoon movies. The home page shows a long list of animated cartoon series and cartoon movies. Toon Get The website offers cartoon movies with dubbed voices and different languages so that people of different regions can also enjoy them. On the website, you shall be able to find different genres of cartoon movies like fantasy, action, adventure, drama, family, or horror. There is a special Surprise Button on this site, which displays random cartoons or anime series each time you click it.

8.    New grounds

New Grounds is popular for offering cartoon videos free online and also playing free games. There are cool collection of cartoon series and animation movies fun to watch in HD. Registered users can submit new movies, their favorite cartoon videos animation series or cartoon movies and share them with others. New Grounds

9.     Anime Flavor

Anime Flavor is a good database for watching online free cartoons. There is a good list of cartoons from the sidebar where you can watch cartoons and animation movies completely for free. You can select any anime to watch from the sidebar of this site on which huge list of animes is listed. Watch animated cartoons online free. No charges.

10.    CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is a beautiful website to watch cartoons online. It’s an online cartoon database. The header area features a unique menu with links to different studio, character, and shows. You can watch all your favorite cartoons and animated movies in HD quality on any device that is mobile phone, tablet or PC. CartoonsOn The home page has a few links to watch some popular cartoons. You can browse old classic and new cartoons through brand and characters, such as Walt Disney, Marvel Comics, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros, and many more. Watch free classic cartoons online. The videos are available for watching without sign-up or registration. Watch hanna barbera cartoons online free today on this platform.

11.    Watch Cartoons Online

WatchCartoonsOnline is an interesting site for watching cartoons online. Its home page is filled with all the info that you shall need to watch online series or movies. The home page also has the latest update on cartoons and also the upcoming series. There is also a wide range of cartoons that have been organized in an alphabetical manner. Popular cartoons available on this site are G. I. Joe, Pokemon, Battle Girls, Angry Birds, Fairy Tail, Ben 10, Adventure Time, American Dad, and a lot more. Watch Cartoons Online There are popup ads, which might be annoying but it should not be a problem when it comes to free. Go to watch cartoons online homepage and start the search for your favorite cartoon.

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12.    Go Go Anime

Go Go Anime is a dedicated website to watch anime online for free. You can find recently released anime videos on the main content area of the home screen. The site is well designed for easy navigation. Go Go Anime has an extensive anime video database therefore you will be unlikely to miss what you are searching for. Go Go Anime Go Go Anime is available all over world and therefore you do not need to connect to any VPN to surf this site.

13.    YouTube

Youtube is another most popular platform to watch online videos; Use a search bar of this website to search. Watch your cartoon online without any problem.

14.     Anime Toon

Anime Toon has more than 100 cartoon shows in its database for its users. One can also watch cartoons and movies. At the same time, you can also check out Dubbed Anime. Anime Toon also enables you to sort cartoon series from different genres like Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Crime, etc. Watch animated movies for free on this website.

15.     Anime Center

Anime Center is one of the best anime sites on which you can watch cartoons online for free in the English language which are dubbed or subbed. The website provides multiple mirrors of every cartoon episode in HD quality, enabling you to enjoy free cartoons online. The website allows you to watch online cartoon movies. On the homepage, you can see new episode of anime and recently added series. The website has more than 40 genres; it is well known as one of the most popular sites to watch anime videos and movies.

16. Reelgood

Reelgood is a 100% free streaming guide that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. It also gives users a personalized view where they can see all of the shows available to them from different streaming services in one place.


There are many other websites you can use to watch cartoons online for free.  We have highlighted a number of free websites to Watch Cartoons Online for free. Make use of the navigation menu and search field to help you find what you are looking for.  Watch cartoon movies online for free.

Hope now you know where to watch cartoons online for free? Where do you watch cartoons online free? Drop us an Email